Saturday, 30 August 2014

Suffer the chidren . . .

Not a lot about photography in this one, but bear with me . . .

Hieu Van Le, a refugee from Vietnam in 1975, is about to be installed as the Governor of South Australia, a truly incredible achievement. He has described his and his sweetheart Lan's flight from Vietnam to Australia to the ABC. Here is an excerpt from that ABC News article (the full article can be read at


"Amid chaos and as thousands of Vietnamese tried to flee the communists, Hieu Van Le, aged 22, and his sweetheart Lan decided to make the perilous trip in a small boat bound with hopes of reaching Australia.

"It was very dangerous and very risky, like many other refugees out there, I guess," he said.
He said they endured weeks of monsoonal downpours and storms and feared ending up in the bottom of the sea.

But finally the tiny boat made it to Australian waters and a remarkable welcome.

"Out of this curtain of mist we saw the little tinnie coming toward us, quite fast, and there were two blokes standing in it, shorts and singlets, sunhats on, white zinc cream on their noses, the fishing rod sticking up into the sky," he recalled.

"They waved at us and they come very close, very close and very fast to our boat and one of them raises the stubbie up as if proposing a toast.

"'G'day, mate!' he shouted. "Welcome to Australia."

I'm proud to say, I remember that Australia.

I knew, and still know, the sort of Australians that welcomed Hieu Van Le.

But as the article states, that Australia and those Australians have been shat on by successive federal governments, culminating in the pinnacle of disgrace, the state-sanctioned child abuse of refugee children Australia today so easily indulges in.

A pox on every politician who stands by and lets this happen . . . if history is ever to be of any use,please let it be the future judgement and contemporary condemnation of these bastards.


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