Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The "No McDonald's In Guildford" campaign reached a critical stage today, with the Joint Development Assessment Panel(JDAP) considering the huuuge American conglomerate that sells stuff that some people eat and thinks the letter M is made up of arches of all things . . . ummm, where was I? 

Oh yes. . . the JDAP considering mcdonald's application for approval to build one of their shops behind the Guildford Hotel, within 100 metres of the local Primary School . . . on one of the busiest stretches of highway this side of the city . . . well, despite the no-doubt huge resources available to the American conglomerate, pitted against the volunteer driven resources of a passionate group of Guildford residents, the JDAP rejected mcdonald's application on 9 grounds . . .wow!

I have made a few of my images available to the campaign organisers, and have tried to chronicle most of the rallies etc making up much of the campaign, but noticed today that one of the local online "newspapers", WAtoday, had taken the liberty of using one of my images in an article. It was lifted from a Facebook post I made. Cheeky sods!

Now, providing images for a grass roots campaign that I am passionate about is not a big deal . . . I did the same for the Save the Guildford Hotel campaign--I'm unable to dedicate the huge amount of time to the campaigns that the real heroes of all this do, so allowing the use of a few images is my tiny effort and simply does not compare to the wonderful efforts, day in and day out, of the campaign organisers.

But, when a profit-making commercial venture like Fairfax Media Limited use my images in an article in their for-profit commercial online publications, I expect them to pay. Just as Getty Images, with whom I have a couple of thousand images available for commercial license, would also expect payment.

So I asked Fairfax Media today for the details of where I send my invoice. Notwithstanding the fact the image has been used without my permission, I've slashed the going commercial rate for online editorial publication (from around $180 Getty charge) to a very reasonable $50. I'll report their response as soon as it arrives.

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