Friday, 8 July 2011

Photographing the Australian Open Indoor Cricket Championships

It's official now: Indoor Cricket World/Dusty Dingo Photography is the official photographer for the upcoming Australian Open Indoor Cricket Championships.

That includes all team photos, then ongoing action for the full tournament . . .

I'll soon post more on what I plan, and during the tournament I'll try to post some ongoing "what I did today (photographically)". In the meantime I'm going to catch up on lots of sleep: during the tournament it will be long nights editing and publishing each day's photos.

I earlier tonight published a little rant on the whole issue of marketing of Indoor Cricket over at my Indoor Cricket World blog, for those interested in the promotion of the sport.

For everyone else, stay tuned . . . oh, and if you see anything in an ad on these pages that interests you, please click on it and at least explore it. I get a handful of cents for each ad visited (yes, I know, but every little bit helps keep us online/feed my cat/educate my children). Thanks.

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